... Gary's razor sharp analytical skills quickly gave structure to a confusing mess, and allowed me to understand the situation from the perspective of the others involved. Most importantly, with gentle, self-effacing honesty he let me glimpse issues that were coloring my thinking. He introduced me to two powerful and specific strategies ...Mik Lamming, Founder, Firefly Labs, and Founder and former Director, Xerox EuroPARC
Welcome to Gradient Coaching!

With more than two decades of hands-on experience with innovative organizations and technology and science professionals in the United States, Europe, and Asia, I serve organizations and individuals confronting the need to achieve significant change - find new directions, master new circumstances, acquire new capabilities or skills, discover (or rediscover) passion and purpose.

  • Professional coaching for executives, managers, and science, technology principals in the workplace improves their effectiveness both as individuals and as managers and leaders of innovative organizations.   Tthe demands of joining a new organization and its culture, taking on higher levels of responsibility, working across geographies and cultures, or mastering other career or personal challenges and opportunities often requires growth in relational, rather than purely intellectual, skills – recognizing and regulating emotion and mood, listening more deeply, building trust, mobilizing others, coordinating effectively, achieving influence in the absence of control, and taking effective action in the face of ambiguity, confusion, or conflict.  
  • Life coaching supports the challenge to change outside of the current workplace.  Even the most intelligent, educated, and professionally successful among us can reach a point where intellect and force of will no longer achieve the desired results.  Challenges may include career burnout, a major career transition, achieving balance between career and family, or simply regaining a sense of passion and purpose that has somehow been lost.
  • Consulting services target teams and larger organizations whose principal long term critical success factor lies in the ability to create and introduce new capabilities and solutions. My particular consulting focus is the human element of innovation as a repeatable, sustainable capability of a team.
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You and Your Research

In Dr. Richard Hamming's classic late-career lecture, he attempted to answer the question, "Why do so few scientists make significant contributions, and why are so many forgotten in the long run?"  I was fortunate to be in the audience at the time, and I later was able to locate a transcript of his lecture on the Web.

While the topic is ostensibly achievement in scientific research, I think this lecture is really about clarity of purpose and alignment of practices and priorities toward pursuit of purpose. It's about our choice as to what is most important to each of us, and how we accomplish something "great" for ourselves. To quote Hamming, in life, what is "the difference between those who do and those who might have done?" In the lecture, he starts with his experience in Los Alamos (Feynman, Oppenheimer, Fermi, etc.) but draws most heavily from his decades of experience in the Research area of Bell Laboratories during its glory days. Some of the best insights, I think, come toward the end.

You’re intelligent. Educated. Successful. Why work with a professional coach?

A coach can help you to:

  • Accelerate your transition into a new role - a promotion, a move into a new specialty or business function, or even as part of a new company
  • Identify and overcome obstacles, remove blindspots, and add the additional skills necessary for career advancement
  • Get "unstuck"– build an energizing, actionable plan to create the next chapter of your career, or your life
  • Bring your work life and your home life into balance
  • Transform a layoff from a crisis into an opportunity

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